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Why visit Jan's Boutique

Why Jan's?......because Jan's has been voted by the people and the publications of The Philadelphia Inquirer, South Jersey Magazine, New Jersey Monthly Magazine, The Trend, The Courier Post, www.southjersey.com, The Burlington County Times and SJ Magazine as the Delaware Valley's "Best Women's Boutique". We have been recently nominated Best Family Business by the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce. Our thanks goes out to all our sales associates for helping Jan's receive so many prestigious awards.

Jan's Boutique commitment to excellent customer service and our immense selection of dresses (over 10,000 in stock in sizes 000-32) distinguishes Jan's Boutique from it's competition. Thank you for recognizing that better service and selection does make a difference when shopping for eveningwear, sportswear, cruisewear and accessories.

1. NO SALES TAX~ Save as much as 13% depending on what state you live in. If you live in Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia or West Virginia then shopping at Jan's is well worth the drive. Save as much as a hundred dollars maybe more just on sales tax. There is no sales tax on evening dresses at Jan's!

2. HUGE SELECTION & QUICK-SHIP TURN-AROUND DRESSES~ You may need a dress in a month or as short as a week, if so donít worry because Janís offers the largest selection of inventory to chose from in the Delaware Valley----Jan's features over 10,000 dresses in stock in sizes 000-32. Janís has a better chance of stocking the dress of your choice than any other store in your local area. And if you need to special order a dress but need it quick then don't worry, Jan's features a dozen or more designers whom specialize in the quick-ship turnaround delivery you need. See our Quick-Ship Dress link showing the designers whom work with our last minute customers all the time.

3. JAN'S STOCKS YOUR SIZE~ Unlike the department stores and boutiques in your area, Janís offers sizes 000 thru 32 sizes in stock. JAN'S DOES NOT STOCK SAMPLES like many other boutiques and bridal stores, JAN'S STOCKS ACTUAL INVENTORY YOU CAN PURCHASE OFF-THE-RACK which you can take home with you that day. At your local dress shop you will have no choice but to look thru catalogs to find the dress of your dreams because most stores don't carry larger sizes and many of them don't stock small sizes too! Your local dress shop doesn't have 10,000+ dresses in stock to try on, Jan's inventory selection is excellent thru-out all our sizes, so no one leaves unsatisfied.

4. MADE IN THE USA~ Believe it or not but there are still some manufacturers actually designing and manufacturing right here in the USA and Janís is proud to support those designers. Because these designers can turn-around a custom made garment in as little as 2 to 4 weeks versus the designers whom manufacturer overseas whose dresses can take up to 4 months to turnaround. Not to mention manufacturing jobs are kept here in the United States.

5. NO PRESSURE, NO HASSLE TO BUY ATMOSPHERE~ Jan's knows it offers the best selection to choose from on the East Coast! We are confident you will love our immense selection and appreciate being in a clean and well organized store with friendly sales associates who truly care that you look and feel your absolute best. Unlike most retail stores our sales associates are not paid on commission for good reason. If you do not purchase from Jan's Boutique on your first visit then we know you will find Janís the store you will feel most comfortable doing business with in the future. See our Testimonial link to see what our customers have to say about Jan's Boutique.

6. NO-COMMISSIONED, HIGH-PRESSURE SALES CONSULTANTS~ JAN'S SALES STAFF DOES NOT WORK ON COMMISSION and understand that a no-pressure, no-hassle to buy atmosphere is what separates Janís from the rest of the department stores, boutiques and bridal stores. The other stores believe in paying based on commission to ďpushĒ you into a dress that you may not love for the sake of making a sale and boosting that sales associates commission. No one profits from a dishonest sales associate telling you that you look good in something you don't! Not to mention that sales structure creates bitterness between the sales force. Janís is certain that if you donít make a purchase on your first visit you will do so in the future. We truly feel you will find our warm, honest, friendly and professional sales associates the best in the business.

7. ONE-STOP SHOPPING~ You will not need to run from store to store to find the perfect dress and accessories to compliment your dress. Janís offers everything under one roof including a huge selection of accessories, dressy handbags, shoes, undergarments-bras, hosiery (Spanx), body wraps and much more. Janís has been voted ďBest AccessoriesĒ for itís diverse and unique selection of accessories by South Jersey Magazine. If you have already purchased a dress elsewhere and havenít found the perfect accessories to compliment it then be sure to check us out. Find out why Jan's customers travel as far north as Connecticut (CT), New York (NY), Pennsylvania (PA) as far south as Virgina (VA), Washington D.C. (DC), Maryland (MD), Delaware (DE) and of course North New Jersey (NJ). But don't believe us, believe satisfied and happy customers, check out our Testimonial link and see for yourself.

8. NO MATRONLY DRESSES HERE!~ No one understands better than Jan's that matronly dresses are nothing but ďtabooĒ! Janís knows this and understands that sexy and sophisticated dresses are the ďonlyĒ way to make our customers satisfied. The word matronly is not in Janís sales associates vocabulary, even for our fuller figured customers, you will find our dresses "gorgeous and sophisticated". So if you're in search of a dress that will make you look older than your mother then expect to that dress at Jan's.....the "bridal stores" will take care of that request.

9. JAN'S SPECIALIZES IN EVENINGWEAR~ Janís has specialized on evening dresses since 1974. We focus on the mother, the guest and the daughter better than a bridal store or department store. Janís Boutique is not a ďbridal storeĒ nor do we have plans on becoming one. Bridal stores typically focus on the bride (for good reason because she is typically the one whom is going to spend thousands of dollars). The mother and guest are the ones whom are typically forgotten at these bridal stores because not all mothers want to spend thousands of dollars on a dress. Nor does the bridal store purchase dresses for the updated mother whom doesnít want a ďmatronly dressĒ. Please note that Janís does offer a great selection of eveningwear for the 2nd-time/informal bride or destination bride (these dresses and gowns are not traditional). Traditional Brides and Brides-Maids will find stores catering their needs in a bridal store (not Janís).

10. NO INTEREST FINANCING...and LAYAWAY~ Unlike other boutiques and bridal stores, Janís understands that you may have a lot on your plate to handle and that is why we are the only womanís boutique in the Delaware Valley to offer a ďno-interest financing programĒ. Janís offers a 6 month and 12 month financing option. Our 6 months financing plan is good for any purchase over $499 (it's interest free with minimum payments of 3%). Our 12 month financing plan is good for any purchase over $1499 (again interest free with minimum payments of 3%). A major credit card is needed to be approved. Jan's layaway is available to all our customers for all our dresses no matter what the price is on the dress. Our layaway is good for 60 days and requires 50% down, see store for details. Click Here to see more information regarding our finance options.

11. JAN'S ACCOMODATES YOUR GUESTS~ Of course it is our female customers weíre here to please, but we didnít forget about your husband, your friend or family members. Janís offers free WI-FI internet access (so tell him to bring his I-pad), we also have large screen plasma TV's so he or she will not miss that all-important sporting event or just catch up with the news. And if he or she just wants to relax then Jan's has comfortable chairs and couches with all the magazines and newspapers to make their stay a bit more relaxing.

12. INSTANT REWARDS FOR SHOPPING AT JAN'S~ when you make a evening dress purchase at Janís Boutique you will receive 20% off any (2) in-stock, full-price sportswear items, see store for details. Click Here to print your Instant Rewards. Because we love eveningwear so much we tend to forget to talk about our great sportswear. Janís features some of the hottest designers in stock such as Joseph Ribkoff, Nally and Millie, IC Collections, Tummy Tuck Jeans, Alberto Makali, Elana Kattan, Jenvie, Barbara Lesser, Luna Luz, Mycra Pak, Curio Sweaters, Linda Segal and many many more. Janís has been voted ďBest SportswearĒ for it's diverse selection. If your not in need of a fancy dress then remember Jan's for it's great daytime dresses and all it's sportswear and cruisewear.

13. SERVICE BEFORE AND AFTER THE SALE~ By now you probably understand that good quality service means a lot to us but it means just as much after the sale. If your dress needs some fine tuning because some beads may have fallen off (which trust us it does happen) weíre there for you. If you feel your dress needs to be steamed prior to your affair then weíre there for you. If you just want to shorten the gown you purchased into a short cocktail dress then weíre there for you. If we can possibly help you in any way after the sale then we will do our best to accommodate your requests.

14. TRUNKSHOWS~ No store offers the variety of trunkshows per year than Janís. At Janís you have the ability to preview over 50 different designer trunkshows per year. These trunkshows enable you to see the manufacturers collections for that season. This allows you to see all the available styles enabling you to make a more informed decision of what will look best on you. Even if we donít have exactly what your looking for in stock it is quite possible that we can get that style your looking for at one of our trunkshows (which we often do). By attending these trunkshows at Janís you are putting yourself in the drivers seat by educating yourself of what each designer has to offer. You are also seeing what the buyers of Janís see when they visit the designer showrooms. Click Here to preview all our upcoming trunkshows.

15. FUNDRAISING FOR YOUR ORGANIZATION~ Janís Boutique says ďyesĒ to all those organizations whom need a gift card or merchandise for that all important fundraiser. Janís feels itís a better world when people come together and lend a helping hand for important causes. Click Here to find out how Jan's can help your charity or organization.

16. SPECIAL ORDER GUARANTEE~ Need to special order your dress in a different color or size?, then precise measurements must be taken to guarantee the perfect fit. If you take measurements on your own or have an non-qualified person take them for you, you will special order the wrong size. Jan's certified fitters guarantee the right size will be ordered or we will order you a different size, free of charge. Please note 99% of most dresses ordered do need some sort of alterations to fit your body perfectly.

17. ALTERATIONS DONE RIGHT~ Only Jan's Boutique offers "certified" seamstresses whom can guarantee your dress will be altered professionally and on-time! Jan's group of seamstresses have over 100 years of experience. If one of our seamstresses were to butcher your dress then Jan's would get you a new one free of charge, luckily for us we don't have unqualified seamstresses working on our dresses. Your new dress investment deserves a "certified" seamstress. If you purchase your dress from an online retailer you will not have a store to stand behind the alterations, "god forbid something goes wrong"! Please note our select group of seamstresses can only alter merchandise purchased from Jan's Boutique.

18. WE TRY HARDER AND WE CARE MORE~ You heard the line before, "we try harder", we not only try harder but "we care more" than any other store you'll visit. The business of taking care of our customers truly means a lot to Jan's. We have been doing so now for 37+ years and plan on doing so for many more years to come. At Jan's you will see the difference when you walk thru the doors.


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