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1. The 4 Month Rule:
If you find the perfect dress or gown in a store but it's not available in the size or the color of your choice, you will need to special order one that meets your specific needs. Special orders usually require a three month or longer time-frame to arrive because the majority of designers manufacturer their garments overseas. For those of you whom think that I can't special order something without seeing it, please note, Jan's offers color swatches of the designers we feature and more than half of Jan's business is generated thru special orders. It is important to note that the no store can stock every style in every color. In addition, a special order item could take as long as four to six weeks to be altered (thus, The 4 Month Rule) ---- this is of course dependent upon how busy the store's alteration department is at the time. If you're reading this and thinking, "I have only three to two to four weeks to my affair. . . what will I do?," don't worry Jan's Boutique stocks more than 10,000 gowns and special occasion dresses in sizes 000 thru 36, extra-small to 3X, regular, petites, womens-womens petites, large and plus sizes too. Also Jan's can accommodate any alteration rush job with a turn-around time as short as one week; sometimes less, for a minimal rush fee. Jan's also offers 15+ designers that manufacturer right here in the United States and these designers can accommodate special orders in less than one month for a nominal rush charge. Again, it's best to order early enough to avoid a rush charge or to get your special order garment on time, but if that is not an option remember Jan's Boutique stocks the largest selection of eveningwear in your size to choose from in the Delaware Valley.

2. Your Jean/Pant size is not your Dress size:
Eveningwear designers cut everything SMALL. In most cases eveningwear designers cut their dresses 1 to 2 sizes smaller than your regular clothes. There is no dress designer whom cuts true to size. This point will make more sense as you read further down the lines onto point number 6.

3. Ordering something you didn't try on in your size:
This occurs everyday in the dress business. As noted above, if the garment of your choice is not available in your size or color, you will need to place a special order. One very important part about placing a special order is that accurate measurements must be taken. Being fitted for accuracy is critical to ensure your dress arrives in the proper size. Another critical thing to note is that an expert takes your measurements --- typically this is done by someone who has been in the field for a very long period of time or by an on-site seamstress. At Jan's Boutique, we often serve women who come to us after special ordering dresses at other stores where proper measurements have not been taken. These customers either lose their money because the measurements on their special order dress were not taken at all or just taken improperly or they are forced to absurd a very high alteration fee. Never take someone's word for it that they can guess your size by just looking at you; by the size of the "in-stock" dress that is available; or through a hasty measurement session. Jan's Boutique owner, Jan Davis, has been in the special occasion business for more than 37 years and she takes it upon herself to take measurements for most of her customers. In addition, Jan only allows her specially trained and qualified store managers to take measurements--- sales consultants are not allowed to handle this aspect of the business. If you're reading this and thinking of ordering something from the internet or from another store, then you may run the risk of purchasing a special order garment that may be so off the mark in size that it will cost a small fortune to alter or possibly not able to alter at all.

4. Special ordering early enough:
Sure waiting till the last minute may be your style, but when it comes to purchasing eveningwear it could be an absolute mistake. Eg. #1, Jan's Boutique spring-summer eveningwear business begins as early as October and November, do you need to purchase that time of the year if your wear date is in May?, no. Do you need to get serious in January and February absolutely. Believe it or not but manufacturers try to run their spring-summer inventories down as early as March, which in your mind might be the best time to shop and or buy. Manufacturers make much more money at the end of the season if they have less seasonal inventory on hand versus having lots of extra inventory on hand. If you need to purchase the garment of your choice in a different color not from the stores inventory --- it may not be available and if it is available it may not be ready for a later delivery, maybe too late if your wear date is in May. Remember the 4 month rule, order something in mid-March don't expect it see until end of June, too late for the mid-may wear date. This same situation applies for everyone for every occasion, so as you can see browse early, shop early and if necessary special order.......early.

5. Then, how early is too early to shop for your dress?:
Believe it or not but it's never too early to shop for an affair that is lets say seven months away. As you have learned from the "4 Month Rule" and "Special ordering early enough" you need to get serious real quick if you want to have exaclty what you want. Most importantly you need to know Jan's stocks spring-summer eveningwear attire in the fall season, the same is true for fall inventory available in the spring-summer seasons. As a matter of fact, Jan's stocks more inventory appropriate for the upcoming season than any other store in the Delaware Valley because we understand that shopping early is extremely important, especially if you need to special order. Seven months isn't so much time after all, especially if it takes you three months to special order and two months to alter your garment. Looks like you'll have 2 months to relax prior to the most important day of your life.

6. Special ordering early enough for sizes 16 thru 32:
Unfortunately most designers typically do not stock sizes 16 thru 32. Because the majority of designers manufacturer overseas it is absolutely critical that those of you whom need these sizes absolutely see Jan's four months prior to your affair. For those of you reading this and saying to yourself, I'm a size 12 or 14 in regular clothes, I'll be fine, think again, remember what we said in point number 2! Unfortunately the eveningwear industry cuts all their dresses one to two sizes smaller, making you go from a 12 in your jeans to possibly a size 16 in your eveningwear dress. So please remember your size you may need to special order will most likely not be stocked in the color and size of your choice, leaving you with a minimum three month window to special order your garment. Also remember from the 4-Month Rule, Jan's offers approximately 15 designers that manufacturer right here in the United States and these designers can accommodate special orders in less than one month for a nominal rush charge. So as you can see if the "Made in the US" designers can't deliver fast enough than our in-stock inventory Jan's offers should accommodate any last minute customer.

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